You need to install the Surfroam SIM into your iPad and configure it to use the Surfroam service:

• Ensure that the power is turned off on your iPad.

• Pop out the SIM tray.

• Replace the SIM tray into the iPad.

• Power up the iPad.

• Open Settings -> Cellular.

• Check Cellular Data and Data Roaming are ON.

• Open Settings -> Cellular -> Cellular Data Network.

• Tap the CELLULAR DATA APN field and enter "globaldata" (without quotation marks). The setting will be saved automatically.

Your iPad is now configured to use Surfroam for mobile data. You may have to wait for the SIM card, local network and the Surfroam service provider to update each other to allow you to use local data for the first time in a new country. Typically, this takes about 5 minutes. In some exceptional cases, it can take up to 30 minutes. Also, it's a good idea to check any apps you have running for those that are using push notifications or mobile data, turning off any that are unnecessary. This will reduce the amount of mobile data you'll be using. Email and social media apps often use data in the background.
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