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What is Surfroam?

Well, we have all been there. We were travelling to a foreign land and finding it very hard to access the internet. You find yourself either with no internet for days or with insanely expensive service. Today, many businesses, communications both personal and professional, are being carried out on the internet. It is not only frustrating but also brings loss to stay out of touch with the global world.

We all believe in miracles. That's why Surfroam was made.

The Surfroam is a pay as you go data roaming service. It is catered towards frequent and professional travellers to help them make the best of their money by providing a service that is easy to use, instantly ready, all with no contract and no hidden fees.

Worldwide 3G/4G/5G compatibility with low rate coverage from Є0.01 per MB in over 200 countries makes the Surfroam the must-have service for travellers who wish to maximize their budget and not worry about being extorted by their current multiple local SIM deals.

The goal of Surfroam is to provide a product and an affordable service that will help professional travellers to maximize their money and experience. Surfroam gives a more comfortable and efficient service than their current home or local offers, especially on long or frequent trips. Surfroam is here to help, contribute to a much more efficient future, assist customers in replacing their current expensive roaming with a much more budget-friendly service without borders where internet connectivity is possible everywhere, all of the time.

The official Surfroam site is live to purchase the regular SIM cards and digital eSIM profiles. Surfroam has its own unique Cloud-based customer account platform MySurfroam, which allows you to get all rates, check and recharge the balance instantly and many things more. The also offers complete information, including service FAQ, delivery options, the helpful HelpDesk, rates for internet connection in all covered countries and comprehensive customer care and support for Surfroam customers.

You can now get internet access anywhere, anytime you want. For an avid traveller, Surfroam service is an absolute blessing.

Get continuous internet access in foreign locations with our fantastic products!

Updated on: 26/10/2021

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