!!! The QR code is unique and is applicable for just one-time use on one device only. If you delete it, you will need the replacement eSIM.

Right after you receive the Surfroam eSIM to the provided email, please login into you MySurfroam application.
You will find an activation voucher right in the application: tap to the small CHIP icon on the SIM picture.
Then begin activation.

• Turn OFF all existing eSIM profiles if present

• Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal and turn Wi-Fi ON

• Ensure that your device has the latest software version that supports an eSIM

1. iOS

Please watch the Apple instruction video first:

And begin activation process:
Go to your iPhone Settings > Mobile Data (Cellular) > Data plans > add Data plan
scan QR code

Go to Settings > Mobile Data (Cellular) > DATA PLANS (Surfroam eSIM) > Mobile Data Network
Set Surfroam APN: globaldata (or APN: rh) (one word small letters no spaces)
into sections Mobile Data, LTE and Hotspot if available
DELETE username and password.

APN globaldata iOS

Turn ON Roaming, make sure Mobile Data is set to Surfroam eSIM, turn OFF WiFi and check connection.

2. Android

Settings > Connections or Network and Internet > Mobile Network > SIM Card Manager
Add Carrier/Add mobile plan
scan QR code

When the Surfroam eSIM plan has been registered, select OK to turn ON the eSIM plan

In SIM card manager in the Preferred SIM card section, tap on Mobile data and select your new eSIM as preferred data line;

Back in the Connections menu, tap on Mobile networks and put the Data roaming feature ON

Set Surfroam APN globaldata
Then disable your WiFi in the Connections menu
Check connection
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