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Getting started on a Modem/Router/MiFi devices

In case if you use Surfroam SIM in the pocket router, you need to set proper location profile on your SIM in advance using any unlocked phone with roaming enabled.

Please follow the Quick Start Guide.

Please do next:

Insert Surfroam SIM into unlocked phone in SLOT 1, turn it ON

Enable Roaming on your phone settings

Wait for constant signal and take Surfroam SIM out of the phone

Place SIM into your router, turn it ON

Then check and set your router settings:

Network connection type set to 2G/3G/4G automatic

Data Roaming enabled

Network selection set automatic

APN profile set:
APN name: globaldata
APN: globaldata
username and password empty (delete it if present)

Check connection.

Pocket routers depending on manufacturer may not support our advanced feature - remote location profile switching. To activate it properly in a new country, please put Surfroam SIM in any phone for a few minutes to get signal. The phone should be unlocked and have roaming turned on. After that, you may switch SIM back to the router and use service.

Updated on: 27/10/2021

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