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Benefits of using Surfroam eSIM

If you have multiple SIM cards from the same or different operators, you can store all of them on your phone using the eSIM feature, as long as:

The operator whose physical SIM you have currently also supported eSIM

Your phone has enough space for multiple eSIMs (based on the phone specifications).

Example: If you often travel and have a SIM card from the home telecom operator, then you could use your local SIM card and Surfroam eSIM at the same time through the below:

Store both the SIM cards as eSIM's on a compatible phone

Keep your local SIM as an eSIM and the Surfroam SIM as a physical one

Keep the Surfroam eSIM and keep the local SIM as a physical one.

The current features and benefits that customers enjoy using the physical SIM will be available with the eSIM.

Below are the key benefits of using eSIM technology over the regular SIMs:

No need for additional SIM slots

Little risk to physical damage of SIM or phone

Extra space available in the phone for other purposes

Slimmer and more compact handsets when eSIM only devices are launched

Updated on: 03/07/2021

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